THE family of Gaia Pope have told the missing teenager: "We all love you forever."

Two people who were arrested on suspicion of murder have been released under investigation following the disappearance of the 19-year-old, who was reported missing on Tuesday, November 7.

In a statement released through Dorset Police, Gaia's family said: "We want to express our deepest gratitude to the police, other emergency services and the huge numbers of volunteers and well wishers.

"The massive effort to find Gaia has been great comfort in what everyone will understand is a deeply worrying and scary experience for all who love Gaia so deeply.

"We understand that the police continue to investigate all possible scenarios, and we want to emphasise that the search for Gaia continues.

"We will be releasing information on the Find Gaia Facebook page regarding further volunteer search support.

"Please understand that we want to keep social media to constructive and positive efforts to find Gaia and not to encourage uninformed speculation which can have a negative impact on the family and be a distraction.

"Please keep an eye out for requests for further search support.

"We are aware of the arrests that have taken place but want to emphasise that these must not put a stop to the search until or unless there is a definite conclusion.

"If anyone knows where Gaia is we beg you to let us know."

In the statement, they also addressed Gaia directly, telling her: "We all love you forever.

"We miss you beyond words. We will find you darling girl.

"The thought of seeing the sunshine of your smile again soon keeps us all going and hoping."

Police investigating Gaia's disappearance say they still hope she will be found safe and well.

Detective Superintendent Paul Kessell thanked members of the public for their support - and said the search for Gaia continues.

“Today is seven days since Gaia went missing.

"We have been working in that time to find her and bring her home, safe and well,” he said.

“We still maintain hope that she is safe somewhere.”

Detectives searching for Gaia have been helped by Dorset Search and Rescue, the coastguard and Wessex 4x4 Response, as well as the NPAS helicopter.

“Significant specialist resources have been a part of the search,” said Det Supt Kessell.

“The search is very much ongoing. We are still focusing on Swanage but we are keeping an open mind - there is a possibility Gaia has left that area and is somewhere else.”

He said the time since Gaia’s disappearance has been “very difficult indeed” for her family.

“Members of the community have been incredibly helpful. Everyone has pulled together to support one another,” he said.