A MAN who injured more than a dozen revellers - including two Poole girls - by throwing acid in a packed nightclub has been convicted of a string of offences.

Arthur Collins hurled the substance over a crowd at the Mangle E8 in Dalston, east London, on April 17.

The 25-year-old, of Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, was convicted at Wood Green Crown Court on Monday of five counts of grievous bodily harm with intent, and nine counts of actual bodily harm against 14 people. 

Lauren Trent and Sophie Hall, who live in Poole, were among those hurt.

Miss Trent, who is 22, recalled being surprised at the relaxed manner of door staff as she made her way into the club.

"I've got a baby face and I always get ID'd, always, everywhere. They didn't even ID me," Miss Trent said.

"Even the group of boys we were with, I can't remember any of them being searched. I know for a fact my bag wasn't searched or anything like that."

Hours later, she was preparing to leave when the acid was thrown. She was spared from more serious injuries as she was stooping to collect her bag.

"A drink doesn't just clear a dance floor like that," she said.

"As I bent down, it was like opening a Coke bottle - it made that sound, that hissing sound.

"As I went to the side I realised this wasn't just a drink. I grabbed my neck and skin was coming off straight away in my hands."

Miss Trent suffered first degree burns to her legs, feet, chest and neck, while Miss Hall suffered facial burns and permanent scarring.

"I'm one of the lucky ones," Miss Trent said.

"The thing that's in the back of my mind is that if I hadn't have bent down to pick up my bag, that would have been my face."

Miss Hall and Miss Trent contacted Councillor Judy Butt, chairman of the licensing committee for Borough of Poole, to improve safety measures at nightclubs across the conurbation.

This afternoon, Cllr Butt said: "I am extremely pleased that this individual has been found guilty and will be punished.

"I look forward to the government providing some form of legislation to help prevent these acid attacks.

"Acid is a horrible way of damaging another person.

"It destroys lives. It really is foul."

Collins admitted throwing the bottle of fluid over clubbers but said he did not know it was acid.

He said he thought the liquid was a date rape drug, which he had snatched from two men after overhearing them planning to spike a girl's drink.

He was convicted on all counts on a majority verdict of 10 to two and will be sentenced on December 19.

Collins' co-defendant, Andre Phoenix, 21, of Clyde Road, Tottenham, north London, was acquitted of four counts of grievous bodily harm and two of actual bodily harm on Monday morning.