A WOMAN who died after falling from a second floor window on Christmas Eve had a history of mental illness which had 'intensified' in the days leading up to her death, an inquest has heard.

Boonmee Neufeld, 47, was pronounced dead at 11.50am on December 24 last year.

On Friday,at Bournemouth Coroner's Court, her husband, John, explained how he'd pleaded for Boonmee to be hospitalised during a mental health assessment just days before her fatal fall.

Boonmee, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, reported hearing voices telling her she was going to be harmed in the family's flat in Francis Road, Bournemouth.

However, the mental health team that assessed her were satisfied she didn't pose any threat to herself, as she was aware she was unwell and had no history of self harm, the inquest heard.

Husband John told the court he last saw her walking to the bedroom on Christmas Eve morning.

When he followed Boonmee in moments later, the Velux window was open and her body was on the ground below. She died from multiple injuries.

Recording an open verdict at Friday's hearing, assistant Dorset coroner Richard Middleton said the exact circumstance surrounding her death remained unclear.

"I'm not sure if she was trying to just get onto the roof out of the flat, or if she intended to take her own life," he added.