HARRY Arter admitted reaching the World Cup finals with the Republic of Ireland would more than make up for his Euro 2016 misery.

The 27-year-old missed out on last summer's festivities in France after damaging a thigh muscle in the lead up to the tournament.

The Boys in Green fought their way to the last 16 of that competition, but the midfielder could only look on from afar.

However, Arter was in the thick of the action as Ireland booked themselves a play-off berth with a 1-0 victory in Wales on Monday evening, with a trip to Russia now dangling tantalisingly before them.

Asked if his misfortune had provided added motivation, Arter said: "Yes, but that aside, even if I did go to the Euros, to play in a World Cup is, I wouldn't say a much bigger competition, but it's the pinnacle I think for any footballer.

"It's a tournament that's only every four years and for a nation like Ireland to qualify would be a massive achievement, and to be part of a group that could do that would be something that I'd be ever so proud of.

"They're dreams that you have as a young kid, to play in a World Cup, so of course it would be something that I'd be excited about."