APPROVAL is being sought to convert an elderly care home into a house in multiple occupation (HMO).

The property at 2 and 2a Fitzharris Avenue, Bournemouth is, according to a report by council officers, already in use as an HMO "as the nursing home use has ceased". The home was called Crosby Lodge.

Several neighbours have written to object to the plans, citing issues with parking and a preference for the building, which has 11 bedrooms, to be used as family housing, and it has been called in for discussion by ward councillor Don McQueen.

However officers have recommended councillors grant approval at a meeting on Monday next week.

The report states: "The previous care home use made full use of the 10 bedrooms of the property, with the attendant staff, visitors and deliveries.

"This proposal is for a maximum of six occupants, which would be a similar or even reduced intensity of use of the property given that some bedrooms would not be used."