This weekend families are invited to a special weekend as part of the BFX Festival.

The BFX Family weekend will take place on Saturday and Sunday, offering children the chance to get hands-on with the technology that goes into creating their favourite games and movies.

From green screen technology, to computer programming, families can learn about the technology used by the visual effects, animation and games industry.

Sofronis Efstathiou, director of the BFX Festival, said: “If you are the sort of parent who can’t tear their children away from video games, then this is the event for you.

"You can get them out of the house and engaging in a practical way with the technology behind the games and movies your children watch."

"More than that, you can start to teach them about the careers behind these games.

"That is what BFX is all about, showcasing the best in games, visual effects and animation and listening to people who have made careers out of the gaming and film industry.

"The child playing computer games in their bedroom could be making the games that kids play in the future. There will be talks on careers in visual effects and how to get your kids started on a path towards a future that will test and challenge them, while engaging them in something they love."

Games and films featured at the BFX Festival this year include Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Alien: Covenant, Star Wars Battlefront and Forza Horizon 3.

Tickets for the BFX Family Weekend are £10 per family, and the whole event takes place at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC).

For more information, or to book tickets, visit