AN APPLICATION developer from Bournemouth has played its part in what could be this year’s must have Christmas gift.

The collection of lightweight Star Wars themed drones use an app created by Amuzo, whose headquarters are on Avenue Road.

The drones, which are made by American company Propel, take the shape of X-Wings, TIE fighters and speeder bikes from the global fantasy sci-fi franchise.

A demonstration of the drones was given at the BFX Festival on Tuesday and also at Digital Wave the previous day.

Both showings at the BIC proved popular with audiences.

The drones contain laser systems, which allow pilots to battle it out in aerial duels.

At BFX, Amuzo’s managing director Mike Hawkyard was tasked with catching one of the drones in his mouth.

Propel’s global head pilot, Jack Bishop, also showed off the drones’ capabilities by flying one through the legs of 27 people in a row - an apparent world record.

Amuzo’s application allows users to learn how to fly the drones, before providing a virtual world for drone-based dogfights.

It also serves as a scoreboard when playing against other users.

“This project is like drones meet laser quest,” Mr Hawkyard said.

“The app starts by teaching people the basics of taking off and moving in each direction.

“From there it allows them to play against other users, with the app giving them an understanding of where everything is.”

Having a long list of international clients in their portfolio including Lego and Playmobil, the Bournemouth-based company are at the forefront of the app design industry.

Amuzo projects have topped the app store all over the world and seen applications played more than two billion times in the last few years.

Mr Hawkyard said there was more to come from the Star Wars drones.

“We’ve got a road map going forward for new additions to the app from this point on - this is only the beginning,” he said.

“We have done six Star Wars projects now as a company.

“As soon as you put Star Wars in the mix on any kind of project it becomes so much more fun.”

The drones, which connect to the application via bluetooth, are available at £150, with a special collector's edition costing £200.