DORSET looks set to escape the worst of the weather today after a previous warning was downgraded.

Met Office forecasters had predicted heavy rain and strong winds throughout Sunday and today.

Residents were told homes and businesses could be flooded, with damage to some buildings likely, as well as delays to trains and bus services.

Forecasters said the winds could also lead to trees falling and power cuts.

However, while the weekend was mixed, with plenty of rain, the predicted storms failed to materialise.

Today will be mainly overcast, with rain likely from 6pm. The temperature will peak at 17C.

Sunshine and clouds are currently predicted for the rest of the week.

However, a yellow weather warning remains in place for Scotland, the north of England and parts of Northern Ireland for today, with heavy rain and winds expected to reach up to 70mph.

The tail ends of hurricanes Maria and Lee are also headed towards the UK but by the time they cross the Atlantic neither is expected to contribute much to the area of low pressure bringing today's storms.