A SYNDICATE of 15 work colleagues based at Blandford Camp are celebrating after scooping a cool £1m on the National Lottery's Millionaire Raffle.

Each member of the 'Quartermaster Generals' syndicate - made up of staff working in Blandford Garrison's Support Unit - will take home at least £45,454 after Saturday's win.

Syndicate leader and stores officer Rose Smith, who has been running the Quartermaster Generals for more than a decade, said: "I called everyone into my office and told them the good news.

"Most people thought I was joking and couldn't believe our good luck, the atmosphere in that office was amazing with plenty of laughter and joking.

"Let’s just say that was one Monday morning meeting all participants were pleased to be at."

Sixty year old Rose, a grandmother of 11, says they've had some smaller wins in the past - but nothing like this.

Her husband Gary, who is also a syndicate member, was checking emails when he saw one from the National Lottery.

Initially he thought the syndicate had won a respectable £1,000, but on closer inspection a number of extra zeros sprang into focus.

"When Gary told me to take a look at the screen I didn't believe it," said Rose. "I was so sure he was wrong that I told him it must be a joke. Laughing, Gary quite rightly said he didn’t think the National Lottery was in the habit of joking about these sorts of things and that I'd better call Camelot."

One quick phone call later and the win was confirmed.

Rose and Gary, who have been married for 42 years, say now they'll be able to help out their four children and grandchildren.

But there's one treat Rose has always dreamt off.

"I’ve always wanted to own a Chloe handbag but there’s always something else I need to spend the money on so as yet, I don’t have one," she said. "This win will enable me to do that one utterly frivolous thing and buy my designer handbag."

Another lucky syndicate member is now thinking of buying a conservatory, the others are looking at new cars and even passports - so a few luxury holidays are definitely in the offing.

The Blandford Garrison Support Unit provides general support, including managing all supplies in and out, for units located at the camp.