A POOLE bar and restaurant is having its licence reviewed following “numerous” complaints about the noise of live music.

Environmental Health officers want to see conditions imposed on Jenkins & Sons in Penn Hill Avenue to control volume levels.

The bar and restaurant does not have a licence for live music but can provide it between 8am and 11pm under the Live Music Act 2012, providing it has less than 500 customers.

It regularly hosts live acts, but the volume of the music has attracted complaints from residents.

A decision to review the licence was made after Environmental Health reported the music was “so loud it could be heard two streets away”.

In a letter to the head of environmental services, one resident said loud music from Jenkins & Sons had been “a constant problem” for them.

“Even when our windows are closed and the television is on we can hear the music clearly. This can also be heard in our young children’s bedrooms.

“The landlord seems to have little respect/thought for the residents around and leaves doors and windows wide open whilst playing loud music.

“We find this stressful and an invasion into our personal life as we are always waiting/anticipating for the loud music to start in the evening and having to make another phone call.”

Borough of Poole’s licensing sub-committee will review the premises licence at a hearing on Wednesday afternoon.

It will consider whether to apply conditions to Jenkins & Sons’ licence which would see a noise limiter installed and the level set to the agreement of an Environmental Health officer.

The premises would also have to ensure all its windows and doors were kept shut (except for entry and exit) while live music is played.

In a report to the sub-committee, Paul Barker, of Environmental Health, said: “We have received numerous complaints over the last few months, especially about the volume of the music causing disturbance to residents.

“Officers have visited the premises on a number of occasions and given advice to keep the volume down and close the windows and doors. This advice has generally been ignored.

“The decision to review the licence was made due to the latest complaint which was received on the evening of 26th July 2017. The music was so loud it could be heard two streets away.

“On visiting the premises to speak to the manager, I noticed that yet again all the doors and windows were wide open.”