A CHRISTCHURCH couple had a close call after a large oak tree fell inches away from their home.

Peggy and Dennis Doyle were given a shock when they heard the “almighty noise” of the 60ft tree coming down in their back garden on Tuesday night.

Although it narrowly missed their Hampshire Close bungalow, the tree damaged the guttering around their home.

They were forced to call the fire service as the tree was blocking their back door.

“It was around 10.30pm, and with all the wind and rain we heard this almighty noise and the bungalow was shaking,” said Peggy. “I couldn’t see clearly what had happened, and I was a bit nervous that it might have damaged the property.

“The firemen who came said the wind was blowing at 60mph. They trimmed back bits of the branches outside the door as we couldn’t get it open.” A tree surgeon is to remove it.