HEALTH bosses’ controversial shake-up of health services across Dorset is one step closer.

NHS Dorset CCG formally revealed its recommendations ahead of its governing body meeting next week where final decisions will be made on the radical plans which health bosses predict will save 60 lives in Dorset every year - and plug a £158 million projected deficit by 2020.

Royal Bournemouth Hospital is set to become the major emergency hub for the east of Dorset leaving Poole Hospital for planned care with a 24/7 urgent care centre.

It means Poole is set to lose its A&E as well as maternity and paediatrics services, which would move to RBH despite months of campaigning.

Dorset County Hospital will remain as both an emergency and planned site with health bosses conceding a maternity and paediatrics unit should now remain for patients in the west of the county. It comes following a successful campaign to Save Kingfisher Ward with new options to be considered by both the Dorchester-based hospital and Yeovil District Hospital in new proposals which will go out for a second public consultation.

Dorset CCG chief officer Tim Goodson said the CCG had listened to campaigners. He said: “We think this will secure a great future for all three of our acute hospitals in Dorset. There will remain 24/7 urgent care facilities on all three. We did some further travel analysis but should emphasise we are trying to promote less travel to the acute sites by doing more in the community hubs by creating more alternatives to urgent care and extending GP access as well.

“We are very confident this is the right course action to take. We think it will save lives and create better outcomes.”

Despite opposition, recommendations remain to close Alderney Hospital in Poole and St Leonards Community Hospital in Ferndown under plans to provide a new ‘seven-day’ model of care where more patients are supported at home or in the community.

However, many beds have been saved in community hospitals due to successful campaigns. Beds will now stay at Westminster Memorial Hospital, Shaftesbury and Westhaven Hospital until ‘a sustainable model for future services’ is established.

Under the new recommendations the CCG also propose to commission an additional community hub with beds at the major emergency site RBH following the public’s concerns about travelling to what would be the nearest hubs with beds at either Wimborne Hospital or Poole Hospital from the east of the county.

The other community hubs with beds are set to be located at Blandford Hospital, Swanage Hospital, Sherborne Hospital, Weymouth Hospital and Bridport Hospital.

Community care hubs without beds are set for Christchurch Hospital, with care home beds, Dorset County Hospital, Portland and Wareham with care home beds.

Chair of Dorset CCG Dr Forbes Watson, said: “We cannot hide the fact there is significant financial pressure but we have been very proactive in Dorset and we believe we can balance our books and maintain and improve services for patients through our plans.

“In addition there is a net financial investment to Dorset of £150 million which will bring new services.”

Final decisions will be made at a meeting in Dorchester next Wednesday.