A CHINESE takeaway in Bournemouth has been shut down by health inspectors after a rat infestation was discovered during a routine visit.

Rodent droppings and urine were discovered in the food preparation area and basement of eatery Wok 2 Go in Holdenhurst Road earlier this month.

Council officials say the takeaway, which previously boasted a five star hygiene rating, won't reopen until it is "fully compliant" with health rules.

Louise Jones, Bournemouth council's environmental health manager, said: “As part of routine checks, environmental health officers attended Wok 2 Go in Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth.

"At that time an active rat infestation was observed and a decision was made to formally close the business.

"An application has been made to the magistrates' court for a hearing to confirm the actions taken by the council.

"Environmental health officers are working with the food business owner to ensure that any necessary work is carried out before the business re-opens.

"The business will not be allowed to open until it has been thoroughly checked by officers to ensure that it is fully compliant."

An emergency prohibition notice taped to the door of the takeaway reads: "[There is] evidence of a rat infestation existing in the food preparation area and basement."

Inspectors took the decision to close the eatery on Friday, September 8.

The notice continues: "[The decision has been taken to close the takeaway] because of the risk of contamination of open food, work surfaces and equipment by rat urine and rat faeces (droppings)."

The takeaway sells a range of fast food, soft drinks and alcohol.

Customers are able to visit the premises themselves or place orders through delivery website Just Eat.

It has a score of 2.5 on website Tripadvisor.

Representatives from the company have not returned calls for comment.

As reported in the Daily Echo earlier this year, popular town centre bakery Greggs closed temporarily because of a rat infestation in an alleyway.

Specialist contractors carried out an inspection before the shop re-opened.

Terry Walker, managing director of TP Pest Control Services, said Old Christchurch Road is one of his busiest areas.

“My contracts as a whole are increasing exponentially," he said.

Paul Storey, of TPD Environmental Services, added he had visited a couple of premises which were “ridiculously infested”.