REVISED planning drawings of the proposed Haven Hotel residential complex will be submitted to Borough of Poole (BOP), developers say.

Thousands of people have objected to the plans, which are part of a wider £250 million scheme to demolish three Sandbanks hotels and build two new hotels and a residential block in their place.

Businessman Richard Carr has drafted the proposals on behalf of the owner of all three properties - FJB Hotels’ John Butterworth.

Mr Carr confirmed new drawings will soon be sent to BOP, but he refused to be drawn on any more details.

Meanwhile, members of the Protect Sandbanks Group (PSG) - who met Mr Carr on Monday - believe these new drawings will be for a building significantly smaller in height compared to the currently proposed 10-storey complex.

However, Mr Carr told the Echo: “It would not be right for us to go public with them before the local planning authority had seen them.

“I’m pragmatic about these things, and we are working with the local authority to get a scheme that will hopefully get recommendation for approval.”

A circular sent out by PSG chairman David Morley, who was among the group that met Mr Carr earlier this week, suggested developers had ‘had a change of heart’ and, rather than a 10-storey building at the Haven Hotel site, would be putting in plans for something ‘not very much taller’ than the existing building.

Mr Carr said: “As far as I’m concerned David Morley won’t be getting another meeting with myself, because I gave him the chance to come and talk to us and he immediately sent out a circular which was particularly misleading.

“Of course we are listening to what the general public are saying about the application, and, of course, we are making various changes.

“This would have happened without David Morley, in any case.”

Current proposals for the scheme include demolishing the Sandbanks Hotel and building a 175-bedroom hotel, along with associated hotel facilities and underground parking in its place.

The most contentious element of the scheme involves knocking down the Haven Hotel and replacing it with 196 residential apartments in four blocks - one of which, for the time being, would be ten-storeys high.

The Harbour Heights Hotel would be replaced with a 40-suite apartment hotel.