SAFETY and security will be paramount at this year's air festival given recent national and international events.

But organisers say this reflects the approach all year round in the busy, popular resort.

Director of Tourism, Mark Smith said: "The one thing we won't do is talk publicly about the details of our arrangements.

"We would never do that and people would not expect us to.

"However, those who come to the air festival want to know that security is being taken seriously to ensure they are as safe as they possibly can be.

"For us as a seaside resort bringing in seven million people a year over the course of the year, that is something we think about all the time, not just for the four days of the festival."

Recent attacks with lorries in crowded places - London, Nice, Berlin and Barcelona for example, have shown a marked switch in terrorist tactics.

At Bournemouth there will be more vehicle checks and a range other of other measures, both overt and covert.

Festival director, Jon Weaver said the threat national threat level remained at severe, the same as last year.

"Most big national events are taking the same view that we are. We are not preparing for a specific threat.

"We are in the same space as were last year."

Mr Smith added: "The beauty of Bournemouth is that it is big enough to stage events like this but small enough for people to care about and look out for each other.

"It's relatively easy to get people engaged and to be vigilant. I really think bigger events in other parts of the country don't have that social, community awareness."