POLICE officers rushed to 'a public order incident' at the Bournemouth Fireworks event on Friday night.

The incident took place at a packed Pier Approach at around 10pm.

An eyewitness had originally told the Echo that there had been an altercation within a "large group of teenage girls" which led to several being detained.

There was a lot of police activity around Pier Approach and the Lower Gardens including riot vans and dozens of officers.

But police have now confirmed the incident involved a 13-year-old boy who had been drinking alcohol.

According to Dorset Police the boy was intoxicated and was threatening violence.

As a result he was restrained by officers at the scene.

A statement from police said: "Further units were requested due to the large number of people present, for everyone's safety.

"No one was injured during the incident.

"The male was de-arrested due to his level of inebriation. His welfare was managed as a priority.

"He will be dealt with slow time by police regarding his unacceptable behaviour."

Officers from Bournemouth Central Neighbourhood Policing Team are reminding teenagers visiting Bournemouth Gardens that there is a designated public spaces protection order in place.

This means consumption of alcohol in the Lower Gardens and Pier approach is not permitted.

Furthermore anyone under 18 should expect to be searched for alcohol by both PC's and PCSO's and if found with anything parents will be informed.