A YOUNG man was found dead in his bed seven years after surviving a serious car crash.

Nathan Richard Jonathan Ridge lived at home with his family in Edmondsham near Verwood. He was aged just 22 when he died on December 9 last year.

An inquest was opened into his death yesterday at Bournemouth Town Hall.

During the opening it was heard that Mr Ridge had spent 10 days in a coma after suffering a head injury during a road traffic collision back in 2009.

The inquest heard that the only indication something was wrong with Mr Ridge was that he had complained of a headache a few days prior to his death.

Then on the morning of December 9 last year Mr Ridge’s father found his son unresponsive.

A post-mortem was carried out on December 15 last year and a provisional cause of death was recorded as “left ventricular failure” caused by “post-traumatic epilepsy.”

The inquest was adjourned until Thursday, November 9.