Have you got a damaged family heirloom? Or perhaps an item that was once the pride of the community, but has fallen into disrepair? Then the craftspeople of BBC2’s The Repair Shop would like to help.

The first series of the BBC programme ran in March and April this year, where a variety of beloved items, including paintings, furniture and clocks, were all restored to their former glory.

Now, the programme is looking for items that have a special significance during Christmastime for their upcoming Christmas special.

The experts in this new series will specialise in a variety of disciplines such as ceramics, mechanics, metal work, horology, picture conservation and furniture repair.

Producers are looking to hear from families in Dorset to take part in the show with items in need of restoration.

This could be anything from a raggedy old teddy bear given to a grandparent decades ago, to a train set a parent would like to pass onto their child for Christmas.

If you have a precious object or heirloom you’d like repaired, email repair@richochet.co.uk or call 01273 224829.