British Airways passenger jets were seen landing at Bournemouth Airport on Monday.  

The aircraft are being diverted from Gatwick, after airport chiefs there were forced to close a runway after an Air Canada flight burst a tyre upon take-off.

Footage by Marc Bailey

The airliner landed back at Gatwick around 2pm, but airport authorities closed the runway for a runway inspection.

This is standard procedure.

As a result, nine planes were diverted to Bournemouth instead, including craft flying from Barcelona, Genoa, Dubrovnik and Nice.

Paul Knight, the managing director of Bournemouth Airport, said the issue at Gatwick was quickly resolved.

"We've had nine diversions," he said.

"The aircrafts will be refuelled before taking off again."

Scheduled flights to and from Bournemouth have not been affected, he added.

Flights that have been diverted include:

IBK2423 from Palma 

BAW2591 from Bari

BAW2707 from Barcelona

BAW2689 from Genoa 

BAW2679 from Dubrovnik

BAW2679 from Nice