POLICE are investigating after a threat was made in connection with a row over a student union election.

Bournemouth University has confirmed the threat was made on social media in the aftermath of an internal investigation into alleged malpractice in the election to the five senior roles of the student representative body, known as SUBU.

While the institution is carrying out its own inquiry into the circumstances behind the comment, it said Dorset Police has also been contacted and has begun an investigation.

The Daily Echo has been informed that the message was a death threat.

A university spokesman said: "The election of sabbatical officers to the students’ union is managed by SUBU.

"We are aware that there was a challenge to the process, which has been investigated in line with the union’s policies and procedures.

"The outcome of the investigation was communicated on June 30.

"We were informed that a threat was made by an individual in a private social media group.

"This matter is now subject to both an internal and police investigation and therefore we are unable to comment further. All services are open and operating as normal."

According to SUBU, this year's election broke the record for student participation with 3,416 votes cast, compared with 2,968 last year.

The election proved controversial, with some candidates disqualified following allegations of electoral fraud.

A statement from union president Daniel Asaya on March 30 said: "The committee (advised by experienced staff of SUBU and NUS) made investigations and then decisions regarding the elections.

"These included stopping time on the ballot and informal and formal warnings."

He said three candidates had been disqualified, after voting had closed, but the trio were reinstated following successful appeals.

Subsequently, the matter was referred to SUBU's board of trustees.