I was saddened, but not surprised to read about poor Tyler being hit by a cyclist on the prom (Daily Echo, July 11).

I truly hope he recovers fully from his wounds very soon.

Unfortunately, we can expect such mishaps to be repeated.

We spent much of the past glorious weekend at our beach hut. I lost count of the number cyclist blithely pedalling.

To be fair, there were lots who were pushing their bikes along as well.

Those choosing to ignore the ban were largely not the Lycra-clad variety who are regularly seen speeding along with total disregard for the 10mph speed limit.

These miscreants included families, young people engrossed in their phones, as well of ladies of certain age.

Whilst I certainly agree more could be done to enforce the regulation, the problem runs far deeper, I fear.

Our current society is simply too full of selfish people who genuinely feel that if they don’t agree with a given rule or regulation, they don’t have to abide by it.

Maybe concerned parents and frustrated beach hut owners should all purchase water pistols to amuse themselves with. Oh, do be careful not spray any cyclists ignoring the ban whilst playing with your new toy.

MRS D K DOWSETT Capstone Road, Bournemouth