FACEBOOK has back-tracked after removing a student's photograph depicting a woman breastfeeding as part of an exhibition.

Mica Bohannon was told by Facebook, in no uncertain terms, to remove pictures of the exhibition - featuring other students' artwork - due to the company's stance on 'nudity' and 'sexual acts'.

Part of the 22-year-old's project involved her interviewing mothers about their bodies and news of Facebook's decision has angered them, with some claiming the view only further adds to society's stigma over breastfeeding.

Facebook has since apologised, claiming that the company does in fact support images of breastfeeding and has reinstated Miss Bohannon's post.

Interviewees from the project were outraged after Facebook's initial decision.

While one called it "ludicrous", another said: "Breastfeeding it totally normal and I still can't believe in this day and age there is still such a big taboo. It is the most beautiful and natural thing to be able to feed your baby. I wonder if it would have been taken down if your project had been on topless sunbathers?"

The photo which Facebook demanded be removed showed a woman breastfeeding her baby, with her right nipple and c-section scar on display.

Miss Bohannon, a final year Arts University student, said: "The point of my project is to turn images of breastfeeding into artwork in aim to normalise the sight of breastfeeding through recognition. Sadly when I posted images of my work from the Bournemouth exhibition on the social media site they removed the image as it was classed as 'sexual nudity'.

"This has infuriated many of my followers who are mothers and feel these pressures and anxieties every day which has just highlighted the fact that this 'taboo' needs to be addressed.

"How is it of a sexual nature when it is breastfeeding a child? How can people get used to the site of breastfeeding when even Facebook won't accept it?

"Some of the work that was in the same posts were just of general naked artists at the exhibition but I wasn't asked to remove them."

Miss Bohannon said it was "brilliant news" that Facebook had reinstated her post, after the Daily Echo contacted the company.