A MUSLIM woman and a disabled child were the victims of a racially aggravated attack on Sunday (JUN 18) when an unknown man threw liquid at her car.

The woman - who asked not to be identified - had pulled up outside the Bournemouth Islamic Centre and Central Mosque at 3pm to let out a male passenger when a van screeched passed them and an unknown liquid was launched at the woman's window.

Fortunately she had rolled it up just moments before.

She had spent the afternoon doing charity work, handing out food during Ramadan, shortly before the incident. She pulled over and dropped a man off, noticing that the road was "unusually quiet" when the attack occurred.

"I heard a vehicle rev up behind me and then I saw a flash before a lot of stuff was thrown on the window," she said. "I registered immediately what had happened but forgot I'd closed the window and wondered if I had acid on my face.

"But I didn't know if it was acid or not. There was so much fluid and it was aimed exactly at the window.

"I was in shock and sat in the car for a couple of minutes. You hear about these things happening and you just don't expect it to. I think we feel like we're in a cocoon here being in Bournemouth."

The unnamed woman said the liquid tingled her fingertips when she eventually brought herself to touch it and, even though the liquid has yet to be determined, she said the act alone has had a frightening impact on her.

"Psychologically it has really affected me," she said. "You can be prepared but you can never be protected. I am a lot more cautious now. I don't feel safe. I feel terrified this could happen to somebody else."

She said though she issues warnings to loved ones to be wary of such attacks she was amazed at the speed with which it unfolded.

Dorset Police are investigating the matter. It is understood that St Stephen's Road is covered by CCTV and the van may have been caught on camera.

Though the liquid has yet to be identified it is not believed to be toxic, their spokesman said.

Imam Majid Yasin said: "She is worried because she didn't know what kind of liquid it was. But I don't want anybody else to be worried. There is a chance these people will be caught on camera."

A vigil will be held on Friday afternoon, at 1.15pm, during normal Friday prayers in memory of the nine people injured during the terror attack at Finsbury Park in London. Everyone is welcome and there will be a stronger police presence in light of Sunday's incident, police have confirmed.