A DOUBLE decker bus caught fire in North Bournemouth.

Fire crews were alerted at 5.23pm on Sunday after the blaze broke out in the engine compartment of a Yellow Buses vehicle on Poole Lane.

Crews from Redhill Park and Poole put out the fire and used a large fan to clear smoke.

A witness said the firefighters took over from local residents who had been trying to extinguish the fire.

A spokesman for Yellow Buses said: “Our R4 service experienced a problem with its engine on Sunday at approximately 5.20pm in Poole Lane as it travelled from Bear Wood to the hospital.

“Smoke coming from the engine compartment alerted the driver who pulled over and called for assistance. There were no passengers on board and no one was injured.

“A replacement service was dispatched to complete the route.”

Police were also called and Bournemouth council dealt with a spillage of diesel.