AS your staff leader writer aptly wrote, the result of this election is a “dog’s Brexit”.

Let’s draw a deep breath and analyse how it happened.

Jeremy Corbyn was seen by many as “a man of the people”. He connected especially with the younger voters, the under-25s. Theresa May by contrast never looked at ease, despite her constantly repeated mantra of “strong and stable government”. The Conservatives lost seats because an increasing number of people were concerned about the state of the NHS and social care under her watch. There was a lack of real understanding and joined-up thinking.

It is absolutely no use pouring billions of pounds into the NHS when nobody wants to work in it because of the appalling working conditions and excessively long hours.

Continual stress leads to bad decision making as well as illness which can sometimes be long term.

If changes are to be made in the cabinet, I’d ditch Jeremy Hunt, if only because he’s never done a day’s work in the NHS and he doesn’t have the confidence of the people who are working in it.

Appoint someone who’s been there and done it!

As for Corbyn, I question whether defence is safe in his hands, and he seems pretty ambivalent on border controls on those coming into the UK from Europe.

How to get elected is to promise everyone apart from those earning more than £80,000 what they want to hear, and he’s now got 266 seats in parliament to show for it. Good tactics. Never mind the cost, just borrow money to pay for everything!

So in short we really do have “a dog’s Brexit”. However let’s remind ourselves that Labour still has 52 seats fewer than the Conservatives and can’t possibly form a government unless they form a coalition with everybody else, and that isn’t going to happen. The infighting in the Conservative Party is an absolute disgrace. There is no one else of any statesmanship and stature who can lead Britain into Brexit, so pull together behind Theresa May and let her get on with the job. We are where we are.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. The issues are not about personalities but about policies. There are some things that Theresa now needs to change because that’s what the people who went to the polls from all parties have now told her. Humility is a strength not a weakness. Everything is not about money, it’s about morality.


Bure Close, Christchurch

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