PARENTS with young children will soon face a yearly charge of £13 to dispose of nappies.

The fee is part of a new administration and delivery charge being implemented by Dorset Waste Partnership later this month for extra rubbish containers.

Currently people living in the Dorset County Council area can request different containers if there is a genuine reason why the the standard 'recycle for Dorset' containers are not suitable for the household's needs.

This includes families who need a bigger rubbish bin because of an increase in the number of people living in their household - five or more people, have children in disposable nappies or produce more rubbish for medical reasons.

But from Saturday, June 24 residents who successfully apply for a bigger bin for a larger household will be charged a one-off fee of £33. It will increase to £55 in exceptional cases, says DWP.

Those who request extra capacity for disposable nappies will be subject to an annual cost of £13 for 26 sacks.

Property developers will also be charged a one-off fee of £54 when a full set of bins are required for a newly built or redeveloped property.

The charges have been introduced as a money-saving exercise, and DWP claims it will save local councils up to £100,000 a year.

Karyn Punchard, director for the DWP, said: "Lost or damaged household bin replacements, assisted collections, gull-proof bags and facilities for medical waste will all continue to be provided free of charge.

"The new charges will make an estimated annual saving of £80,000 to £100,000 for local councils, but it’s important to note that the bin/capacity service changes are entirely optional and charges will only apply to successful applicants.”