A MUM-OF-TWO says she has suffered the worst year of her life due to the actions of her rowdy neighbours.

Hayley Williams, 33, lives next door to the student property in Norton Road, Winton, which has been closed to visitors following a court order.

She moved into the house with her husband and two young children almost a year ago.

“We wanted somewhere a little bit bigger which had a big garden for the kids,” said Mrs Williams.

“We thought this would be our dream home and we spent day and night fixing its up.

“Unfortunately we have had such an awful time here because of the house next door.

“To be honest it’s been a nightmare, probably the worst year of my life.”

Council officials applied for a closure order at the property, which houses a number of Arts University Bournemouth students, after sustained incidents of anti-social behaviour.

The application went before magistrates sitting in Poole last Friday. However, the case was adjourned and the occupants were warned not to open their doors to visitors for the duration of the adjournment.

A final decision on whether the property will be closed for good is due to be made at Poole Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.

For Mrs Williams, the decision can’t come soon enough following a year of loud, thumping music, high levels of anti-social behaviour and continuous verbal abuse in front of her young children.

On one very traumatic occasion Mrs Williams was told by the police to leave her home with her children because “it was no longer safe” for her to be in the property.

The incident on Sunday, May 21 followed an all-night party at the property which was reported to Bournemouth council.

According to Mrs Williams the occupiers were visited by a representative from environmental health following the party, but the visit did nothing to stop the noise and anti-social behaviour, it only got worse.

“It was about 10am in the morning and I was in the garden putting the washing out when I could hear them yelling quite nasty things,” she added.

“I went back inside the house and just ignored them.

“But that’s when the smashing started.

“They must have grabbed every breakable thing in that house and just started smashing it into their own garden. It was so terrifying that I called the police and they told me to take my children and leave the house because I was no longer safe.”

According to Mrs Williams, who has lived in the house with her husband and children for almost a year, the ‘smashing’ continued for about five hours.

Part of the problem according to Mrs Williams is that the property is “not well managed”. She added: “We have lived next door to students before and there haven’t been any problems. This is so much worse than a party house.”

In September last year, the owner of the property, Joan Scully of Queens Park Road in Bournemouth, was proved in her absence to have failed to comply with notices under the Housing Act 2004. Magistrates found she had failed to complete various fire safety measures, provide information to occupiers and supply and maintain gas and electricity.

Mrs Williams says she doesn’t mind living next door to students.

“I have no problems with the occasional party. The last house we lived in we had students next door and they were always really polite and told us when they were going to have a party.

“This isn’t just noisy party students. This is so much worse than that.”