A YOUNG driver who seriously injured four people in two separate crashes has been jailed for five years after "laughing" during an interview with the probation service.

Christopher Wicks, of Luther Road in Bournemouth, was first arrested in June last year after deliberately driving a car into a tree in Linwood Road with two passengers inside the vehicle.

He did this because he was "in fear" of the men, who had "lured" him to an area of Bournemouth, it was said.

Just four months later, he led police on a high-speed chase in the early hours of the morning before ploughing into a people carrier.

One of his two passengers made recordings on her phone during the pursuit on Friday, October 28.

In one of the audio files, Wicks was heard saying: "I was speeding.

"The police are chasing us but I'm not going to stop.

"Don't worry - I'll lose them."

In another, he told the women: "You've got to say I wasn't driving the car."

On Monday, the defendant appeared before a judge at Bournemouth Crown Court for sentence.

Timothy Compton, prosecuting, said one passenger was left with a broken leg and the second with hand injuries following the first crash.

During the second crash, one casualty suffered two breaks to his nose and dislodged teeth, while another sustained a broken wrist.

Sergeant Mark Scammell was on duty in a marked police car in Boundary Road at around 10pm on October 28 when he attempted to stop the defendant's Renault Clio, the court heard.

The officer believed the car had no insurance.

However, when he activated his vehicle's blue lights, the driver of the Clio made off. Sgt Scammell lost the car after a pursuit.

At 1.30am the following morning, the officer saw the Clio again in East Avenue. Once again, the car was driven away at speeds of more than 60 miles per hour towards Winton High Street.

A few minutes later, Sgt Scammell was told of a crash in Talbot Road. When he arrived, he saw the Clio, which had failed to stop at a junction and crashed into a Ford Galaxy.

Wicks, 22, gave a 'no comment' interview when he was arrested.

The defendant has eight convictions for 16 offences, it was heard.

Mitigating, Nick Robinson said Wicks "lacks maturity".

Judge Brian Forster QC replied: "I'm concerned about the probation service's report, which describes him laughing about various aspects of the case."

"In my experience, he has a nervous laugh," said Mr Robinson.

"He is an insecure and immature young man.

"He was 21 at the time but mentally, emotionally and psychologically seems younger than that."

Wicks, who admitted four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, two of driving without insurance, two of driving without a licence and one of failing to stop, was sentenced to five years in prison and a five-year driving disqualification.