BIN collections in Bournemouth will be fortnightly as of Monday next week.

The borough’s waste collection team will pick up Big Bin recycling and Little Bin general waste on alternate weeks, albeit food waste will continue to be picked up each week.

Council cabinet member for waste Councillor Michael Filer (pictured) said the move would save taxpayers £500,000 a year, but urged residents to use their bins properly.

“Next week is the big kick off for the new collection regime,” he said.

“The whole object of this is to streamline the operation. It is essential to divert as much waste as possible from landfill to recycling.”

He said the council recognised residents may take time to adapt to the changes, but that by using their bins properly they would save money.

“Leaving food waste in the Little Bin for a fortnight would be distasteful, so we are asking people to use their food waste bins. Instead of a 12 litre bin the council can supply a 23 litre bin for free if needed.

“Secondly, a lot of people are still not using their recycling bins. Again, they can apply to the council for a second bin.

“At the moment more than 70 per cent of Bournemouth’s waste is recycled one way or another, it doesn’t go to landfill. This is huge.”

He said when the bins were used correctly food waste cost the council £60 a tonne to process, and recycling £75 a tonne, compared with £100 a tonne for both otherwise.

Councils are charged by the government for the amount of waste which goes to landfill.

Cllr Filer acknowledged that there may be some missed collections as waste crews adapt to the new schedule.

“I can’t give a blanket guarantee no bin will be missed, but the team is well prepared and has been working very hard,” he said.

“They will be working longer hours. Some residents may be woken in the early hours but we are talking once a fortnight.

“Some people don’t like change, but we are all trying to work to cope with the future and keep costs down.”

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