VILLAGERS could wake up to beautiful bouquets left on their doorsteps next month.

Bransgore Flower Club will be taking part in a the 'Lonely Bouquet Day' which will see bouquets left for members of the public to cheer up their day on May 5.

It is part of a event organised by British flower arranging charity NAFAS, with members of the group taking part.

Local NAFAS chairman, Pauline Hurran, said: "We really look forward to this annual event as we are able to make contact with lots of flower lovers and spread some unexpected happiness.

"The flowers are simple posies but hearing from the recipient when they have found flowers is such a thrill.

"You never know what people are going through in their day to day lives and these flowers can be just what they need to restore their faith in human nature. It is a privilege for us to do this."