A public meeting is to be held in Christchurch next Wednesday on the subject of anti-social behaviour.

Some may feel that's not a huge problem in the Priory town and in the context of what happens elsewhere, it almost certainly is not.

However, the Christchurch Citizens' Association has heard a range of concerns from traders and residents and visitors over certain parts of the night-time economy.

One resident, Joseph Scott has launched a campaign to tackle what he says is a worsening issue.

As part of a wider discussion about anti-social behaviour more generally, we asked people out and about in Christchurch what bugs them.

Susan Ellsmore, 57, a teacher from Christchurch, said: “For me it is unnecessary noise. Anything that interferes with someone else and their property is just horrible to have to deal with.”

Susan Williams, 71, a retired head teacher from Mudeford, said: “Driving nuisance is terrible and so unnecessary and also fireworks all through the year – they petrify my dog.”

Joan Taylor, 76, a retired teacher from Hengistbury Head, said: “I find bikes on the pavement a real problem. They weave in and out of pedestrians and it’s dangerous.”

Tina Cresswell, 60, a podiatrist from Christchurch, said: “Graffiti is a terrible thing and it is so unnecessary. It just makes everything look so awful and it costs a lot of money to deal with and remove it.”

Brenda Smith, 69, semi-retired living nanny from Walkford, said: “Bad language really annoys me. It is just foul and disgusting. There is no place for it anywhere.”

Fez Smithers, 77, a retired carer from Southbourne, said: “Drunkenness is just totally irresponsible and it takes up police and ambulance time and resources to deal with.”

Gary Wedge, 75, a retired British Telecoms worker from Christchurch, said: “Bicycles riding along the pavement and not having any lights on their bikes and then they are the first to moan at car drivers.”

Barbara Wedge, 74, who is also a retired British Telecoms worker from Christchurch, said: “There is bad behavior which I find annoying. There is no police presence on the street to prevent it and it’s not just Christchuch.”

David Rowlands, 59, a charity worker from Southbourne said: “ I really do not like spitting, it’s a horrible thing to do. Also drunkenness as the people get up to no good and cause a lot of trouble.”