I WRITE regarding the closure of toilets in public places in Poole, in particular the bus station.

It seems that the council who decided this arrangement have never had cause to rush to the toilet in an emergency. Visitors arriving by bus or coach are having to ask where the nearest toilets are.

I understand the toilets in Poole Park are to be closed, as are the toilets on Poole Quay.

Even the notice which was posted on the door of the (now closed) toilets in the bus station giving information where toilets were available has disappeared.

With an ageing group, surely we can ask for better than this.

I feel that in this day and age public toilets are a necessity, not a luxury.

We should be proud of our town, but I am afraid this is one area where Poole falls badly down.

Who decided on this ruling? Certainly no councillor with bowel or urinary problems.

Is it asking too much to have this subject brought up again, and maybe a vote by members of the public voted on.

Janice Wareham

Parkstone Road, Poole