CRAIG David’s intuition has always served him well and last night proved he’s masterminded his return to the bigtime perfectly.

Rarely does the Bournemouth International Centre see such hysteria as when the Following My Intuition tour rolled into town.

The Windsor Hall was packed to the rafters and the 35-year-old singer songwriter received a rapturous welcome as he strolled on to the stage.

Dressed all in white and performing Ain't Giving Up On You, it was a genuine and quality performance that set the tone for the rest of the night.

David hails from Southampton and the crowd oozed a palpable sense of warmth and affection for the local boy done good.

The show was part of an arena tour with the BIC one of the smaller venues on the list, giving it a more personal feel.

Songs from the Following My Intuition album were interspersed with hits from his back catalogue, garage remixes and an impressive DJ set.

But it will come as no surprise that 7 days got the biggest reaction, creating a huge singalong that could probably be heard all over Bournemouth.

Big Narstie and Lauren Faith also joined him on stage, as did a top notch live band, performing in front of huge video screens It’s an almost unbelievable 18 years since we first heard of Craig David and, for the last few years, we could have been forgiven for thinking his best days were over.

We were wrong.

Last year saw a comeback that no one had predicted and included a record-breaking set at the iconic Glastonbury Festival where he attracted a whopping 25,000 people to its Sonic Stage.

The release of the Following My Intuition album attracted critical acclaim and, hey presto, he’s back with a vengeance.

The 12 times Brit nominee drew a mixed crowd last night, ranging from his early fans to a whole new generation of enthusiasts and even a perfectly timed hen party.

What a great way to end the weekend.