MORE than 100 people turned out to check out the progress being made on the Poole Bridge redevelopment works on Saturday.

Construction workers were on hand to answer queries from the public about the £4.7million project that is due to be finished sometime during the summer.

Both approach spans to the bridge - the roads - are being replaced and made wider than before.

It will hopefully enable pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic to use the bridge comfortably at the same time.

The bridge - constructed in 1937 - will also have new mechanics and electrics and steel works.

Project manager Darryl Allen said: "When people see a road closed for roadworks and they wonder why there's no one visible at night they think nothing's going on.

"It's the same thing here. There is an awful lot of work going on that people can't see.

"This has given them the chance to come out and ask a few questions they might not have been able to ask before and it gives us a chance to engage with them. They can express any problems they have and we can do our best to try and overcome them."