RESIDENTS of Springbourne, Boscombe and Charminster are facing escalating problems with drug addicts - just months after a community campaigner warned neighbours must "stick together" to tackle the issue.

As reported in the Daily Echo last October, Nigel Gillespie said some residents are "frightened to leave their homes" over concerns about addicts and prostitution.

He said those living in the postcodes affected can't be "NIMBYs" but instead must "work together" to solve the problem.

However, almost six months on, the problem is getting worse, residents say.

Paul Ashmore, owner of Amarillo Bed and Breakfast in Frances Road, said members of the public are at risk from dumped needles and syringes.

"I found 12 syringes in a grey, plastic envelope," he said.

"I contacted the 101 Dorset Police service to remove the needles from the site.

"However, nothing was done about it, and the issue has gradually got worse since then.”

Mr Ashmore blamed residents of a nearby hostel for the problem.

"They are continuously disposing of their alcohol and needles in the privet on the end of the road," he said.

"It is becoming extremely dangerous, especially as the hedge is at child’s height,"

A resident of Lowther Gardens said the problem is worse in Springbourne.

"People are constantly arriving to take drugs outside our homes," she said.

"It's just horrendous. I moved here from Christchurch and it's like a different world."

The resident said she has been supported and helped by local councillors Michael and Anne Filer and David Kelsey, as well as Boscombe West and Springbourne neighbourhood worker David Hamilton.

"Collectively, they've all been brilliant," she said.

"There was dealing going on behind some leylandii trees, and they've been cut down.

"Addicts also used to go behind the substation, but the council has put up some gates to stop them doing that too.

"But there's a real problem here. A lot of dealers use the underpass at the end of the road to sell drugs.

"I just don't know what can be done."