A UNIVERSITY student is looking to start a petition in a bid to save Swanage Bandstand from being bulldozed and filled in.

Aaron Hughes, who is studying at Southampton University but grew up in Swanage, has already launched a Facebook page called repair/restore Swanage Bandstand, and says he's been surprised by the level of public support.

Swanage Town Council proposes filling in the sunken site if there are no firm plans to replace the Victorian structure by the end of August.

Mr Hughes said: "People come to Swanage every year because it is a holiday destination, part of the charm of that is seeing things like the bandstand. If you start getting rid of things like that, then the town won't be recognisable as Swanage."

The 21-year-old is looking into the prospect of starting an online and a physical petition.

He explained: "Me and another person are trying to get a petition going to either have the bandstand repaired or, if needs be, replaced."

Swanage Town Band are yet to decide on their official stance on the issue, but speaking to the Echo earlier this month conductor David Cook said: "Some of our members want to keep the bandstand because it is part of Swanage's Victorian heritage, others are saying if it's going to be filled in let's make sure we get a decent space at Prince Albert Gardens."

Meanwhile, Swanage Mayor Steve Poultney said: "Swanage Town Council is fully committed to identifying an appropriate outdoor performance space for live music and is open to all options.

"In particular, improvements could be made to Prince Albert Gardens which has become increasingly well used by local event organisers in recent years."