PLANS to axe almost three-quarters of the mini recycling centres in the New Forest will come into force this month.

Under the scheme 80 of the 106 Bring Banks – used by the public to dispose of glass, paper and cardboard – will be closed to save £143,000 per annum.

The council is planning to retain 20 of the facilities, all of which will be located in areas of high demand.

Work is already underway to remove the banks from the other locations and should be completed by the end of the month.

New Forest District Council says the facilities are under-used because more recyclables are being collected by refuse collectors.

Bring Banks are located in car parks and other public places.

Cllr Sophie Beeton, Cabinet member for the environment, said the expansion of the kerbside collection service meant material previously taken to Bring Banks could now be put out with the rest of the household rubbish.

To find out which locations will remain open go to