IN response to M Draper’s letter (March 16) suggesting it is hypocritical to live in homes built on green belt land and to campaign to prevent others from doing so in the future, I strongly disagree.

The Bearwood and Merley neighbourhoods were built when the local infrastructure, specifically the roads, could sustain them. This is no longer the case.

I am most concerned about the dramatic increase of traffic congestion that would occur on Magna Road between the Bear Cross Roundabout and the A341 if housing developments are built on Knighton Farm and the former Canford Magna Golf Course, where the only access would be in and out of Magna Road.

I am a local resident too and I do not want to spend the rush hours sitting in gridlock on Magna Road every single morning and evening.

There are brownfield areas in Poole where homes can be built and green belt areas further out in East Dorset that have access to transport and they should be utilised first.

If we don’t protect the remaining Bearwood/Merley green belt areas now, there will be none of it left.


Knighton Lane, Canford Magna

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