The central flight for Bournemouth Air Festival has been moved in the wake of the tragedy at Shoreham last year.

Organisers have increased the Maritime Safety Zone - the area of clear water under the display area by extending it 300m out to sea. It has also been expanded one groyne to the west of Bournemouth Pier and two groynes to the east of Boscombe Pier.

That means the fast jet display line is now set at 230m from the end of Bournemouth Pier, 130m further south than last year.

The display line for aircraft at a slower speed (aerobatics, single prop engines and helicopters) remains the same.

The Civil Aviation Authority has imposed several new rules and interim rules since the Shoreham tragedy, when a Hunter Hawker flown by Andy Hill - a pilot who had flown in two displays at Bournemouth - crashed onto queuing traffic after failing to pull up from a loop last year. 

Eleven people were killed and 16 injured, making it the deadliest air show accident in the UK since the 1952 Farnborough air show crash which killed 31.

Planes are now required to be 450m away from the crowds at all times, and specific permission is required from the CAA for each ex-military jets wishing to fly below 1000ft or closer than 500ft to buildings.

Here's what the organisers have to say: 

Will this affect the central flight line, which has always been between the Piers?

As the MSZ has been increased the central flight line has moved, it is now 450m further east towards Boscombe Pier.

Will it affect what I can see?

If you are on the festival site, the seafront and clifftop, it won’t really affect what you can see, our new jet line is actually the same as the Eastbourne airshow. There will, however, be more of an impact for the people viewing from boats, who will be further away.

There have been some terrible tragedies recently reported in the news – I want to come to the Air Festival, but is it safe?

As with all major events we have an extensive and robust event plan, covering all elements of operations.

We work with stakeholders and emergency services to provide the best possible experience for people attending the Air Festival. In line with all safety messages at all major events we ask people to be vigilant.