A BOURNEMOUTH loans company is investigating after unsolicited emails containing expletives were sent out to a member of the public.

Amigo Loans sent three emails to a Bournemouth man, all referring to a £3,000 loan.

The first communication, which started: "Hi S**t" had pre-contract information and loan terms attached to it and referred to an application to borrow money.

But the recipient had not applied for a loan and had no intention of doing so.

One minute later a second email was received which started with the same expletive, then went on to say: "Thanks for signing your agreement online, you've now been accepted for the £3000 you need, all you need to do now is find a guarantor. Before we pay out the loan we will run our checks and make sure you can both afford the repayments."

It also had an attachment, entitled Borrower Application Form, which contained more abusive language and the postal address of the recipient's employer.

When the recipient, who does not wish to be named, contacted the company he received an email and a phone number from an employee offering to talk to him.

Now a spokeswoman for Amigo has apologised and said the company is sorry the man was subjected to "this rare form of harassment" where a third party had used his public email address.

She said the company would help to identify the person concerned if the man wished to contact the police.

And she said no checks for profanities are carried out until later in the loan application process.

"We apologise if this email caused any offence and we will be reviewing the application of our profanities filter to help prevent this in the future" she added.