This is the dramatic moment an HGV was blown on to its side by 80mph winds on the A35.

A passenger in a car following the high-sided lorry started recording it on her mobile phone when she saw it was being buffeted near Bridport.

Jacqui Sieger's footage shows the driver struggling to control the vehicle as it reaches the top of a notorious 600ft hill along the dual carriageway where it was tipped on to its side on Wednesday.

Miss Sieger's son Robin, who was driving, stopped and checked on the shocked driver who had to climb out of the window of his cab afterwards. He was unhurt in the drama.

Miss Sieger, from Lilliput, Poole, also tried to get out to help but found it physically impossible to stand up in the gusts.

She was travelling on the westbound A35 heading to Exeter to visit her daughter at the time.

She said: "As he was heading up the hill I could see what was going to happen so I got my phone out.

"When it reached the top the lorry didn't stand a chance and it tipped right over.

"My son stopped and got out but luckily the driver wasn't hurt. He was a bit shaken and managed to climb out of the window.

"I called 999 and the operator asked me to get out and check on the driver too but the wind was so strong I couldn't stand up."

The lorry was one of three HGVs that were blown over on the same stretch of the A35 today, causing highways officials to have to close it for three hours while the storm past.

A spokesman for the Met Office said today's storm was not being given an official name as its impact on the country did not merit it.

A wind speed of 81mph was recorded at Berry Head, Devon.