A DRIVER was caught by police travelling at almost 100 miles per hour in Castle Lane East last year.

The motorist, who was snared driving towards Iford, was driving at 93mph along the A3060, which has a 30mph limit.

Figures released by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) reveal five drivers were caught travelling at more than 100mph on 30 and 40mph limit roads in England, with a further two caught travelling at more than 70mph in these areas.

The statistics were part of a Freedom of Information request by the IAM to every police force in Britain, asking for the location and speed of their top five highest recorded cases captured on safety cameras in their areas from January 1 2015 to January 30 of this year.

In total, 38 of 44 provided data showing there were 11 cases where one of their top five fell in a residential 30 or 40mph area, covering five police force areas.

Two were in Bournemouth, with one motorist snared travelling at 75mph on the A35 Christchurch Road.

Yet another was caught travelling at 85mph on a 30mph stretch of the A35 Chideock in south west Dorset.

At 30mph, a vehicle would travel 13 metres a second with an overall stopping distance of 22m.

At 100mph, the travelling speed is 45m every second.

A driver with a reaction time of 0.6 of a second would cover 30m in the time it takes to lift their foot from the accelerator and depress the brake pedal. The average driver would be much slower to react.

Last year, more than 57,000 motorists were caught speeding in Dorset.

As reported in the Daily Echo, speeding drivers are most likely to be caught on the B3073 Hurn Road, Christchurch and the A35 at Chideock.

Brian Austin, operations manager of road safety at Dorset Police, said: “Excess speed is one of five biggest killers on roads in Dorset and is known as one of the ‘fatal five’.

“To put it simply there is no excuse to speed. We all lead busy lives but the desire to get somewhere that little bit quicker means you are putting your lives and that of other road users at risk. It is just not worth it.”