A COMMUTER who put his feet on a seat during his train journey has been prosecuted and made to appear in court.

Trinh Cuong, of Southampton Road, Ringwood, was spotted with his feet up on the seat by the train manager on a service between Ellesmere Port and Hooton in Liverpool last July.

He was ordered to attend court under a 129-year-old bye-law which makes it a criminal offence "to interfere with the comfort or convenience" of fellow passengers.

At Bournemouth Magistrates' Court on Monday he pleaded guilty to the offence and was ordered to pay a £50 fine.

The 24-year-old told the court he didn't see the sign telling him not to put his feet on the seat and said he did it "to be comfortable."

"I admit it was my fault and I wish that I hadn't put my feet up on the chair," he added.

It is believed Cuong was given a fixed penalty notice at first but the letter was sent to the wrong address which meant he had to appear at court to deal with the matter.