A RESTAURANT in Ashley Cross raised over £2,700 for a little boy with cerebral palsy to help him take his first steps.

Staff from Patrick's Restaurant, Bar and Event Catering, on Bournemouth Road, wanted to do their bit to boost the fundraising efforts of Jakob Sales, three, who has cerebral palsy, and his family to collect £65,000 for a life-changing leg operation.

The Poole venue's owner, Patrick Michael, organised a charity golf day, which took place on October 27 at Remedy Oak Golf Club, featuring breakfast, lunch and a prizegiving ceremony. It was attended by 90 people who were all keen to boost the coffers for the Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) operation, which is only available in America.

Patrick said: "Having picked this charity, we are going to continue supporting them and we are holding a spring golf day for Jakob next year.

He added: "The event raised £2,500 for Jakob and since then we have had somebody put £200 into the pot for him.

"We are continuing our support as it is a very worthy cause and Jakob is such a lovely little boy.

"It was a fantastic day. We will support Jakob and do whatever we can to help them to fundraise."

Jakob's mum, Line, dad, Ben, and Jakob's twin brother, Elliott, are doing everything they can to raise money for the op with the support of the National Children's Foundation.

The operation will relieve the tension in Jakob's legs and spines giving him his first real chance of sitting, standing and even walking unaided. The family's aim is that after the operation, Jakob will be able to have fun and play in the garden with his brother instead of having to stay in his wheelchair or use his specialist trike.

Patsy Hallmey from the National Children's Foundation has been asking members of the public to donate £1 through the online fundraising page or by text towards Jakob's fundraising.

To donate to the cause, text JAKO59 £1 to 70070, go to Justgiving.com/Jako65 or call the National Children's Foundation on 01202 390011.