IF POP Queen Chrissie Hynde wants to believe that for wearing so-called provocative clothes she is somehow to blame for being raped at the age of 21 then that’s fine by me.

She’s wrong, horribly wrong, but it does show the appalling, twisted messages about women’s sexuality that are still festering out there.

Because the way you dress has got absolutely nothing to do with whether you will become a victim of this particular crime. How do I know? Because nuns, women in burkas, men in jeans and toddlers in romper suits have also been subjected to this foulest of assaults.

Chrissie’s apparent confusion about it all stands out in the sentence: “If you don’t want to entice a rapist, don’t wear high heels so you can’t run from him.”

It may be sensible in some situations not to wear heels if you think you may have to run away quickly but entice a bloke? Mixed messages there, Chrissie. ‘She made me do it’ is probably the oldest excuse in the rapist’s book, shoving, as it does, responsibility for the situation firmly on the victim.

Chrissie claims she was attacked by a biker gang when she was 21.

“You can’t mess about with people who wear ‘I heart rape’ and ‘On your knees’ badges,” she says. Right again- they are giant clues spelling out the words ‘Avoid! Avoid!’. But that still doesn’t take away the men’s responsibility for their actions.

When mums, the police and the well-meaning advise women to keep an eye on their mates, not to get so drunk they don’t know what they are doing and who they are doing it with, that’s only to try and cut down their chances of an attack. If they don’t take heed and are attacked it’s still the rapist’s fault.

As it is, despite the controversy, I believe Chrissie’s done women everywhere a service. She’s inadvertently laid bare the corrosive and long-lasting damage caused by this crime. Because the only way she appears to have been able to come to terms with what happened is by blaming herself.

And that’s chilling.

Refugee crisis is not a time to bicker

THERE’S a simple way to sort the migration crisis which is engulfing the idiot folk who run our government. And it is this.

Abolish the free movement nonsense which will prevent around 180,000 Europeans migrating here each year, mainly because they fancy it.

Then, draw up a schedule to accept 50,000 refugee families (remember that will constitute at least 100,000 people) over the next 12 months, as we have pledged to do as a signatory of the United Nations Charter.

If, after this, France and Germany continue to hector us then we should remind them that while they were cheerfully deporting or murdering more than six million Jews, gypsies and inconvenient people during World War II, Britain was taking in the refugees fleeing THEIR violence and capitulation.

The death of little Aylan Kurdi has shown us that now is not the time to bicker, be mean-spirited or continue with epically-failing Euro policies. Britain has a proud record of welcoming refugees so let’s start doing it.

Everything looks good on you, Daniel Craig

JAMES Bond actor Daniel Craig says he’s nothing like the character he plays, claiming that to be a 007-style womaniser is ‘not a good look’ for a bloke his age. As far as I’m concerned everything is a good look on him. But especially those budgie-smugglers.

Glad psychics can help in missing persons cases 

I’M GLAD the College of Policing has said it’s OK for cops to take note of any observations made by psychics in missing persons cases. Yes, it may all be mumbo-jumbo. It may not. But if I was the parent of a missing kid and everything else that was sensible had been tried, I would want to know that absolutely NO stone had been left unturned in any search for them. However far-fetched.

NHS money must not be squandered

STILL not sure whether NHS care payments should be spent on art classes, Indian head massages and hiring pedaloes, as per the report earlier this week. But what I am absolutely certain about is that NHS money should NOT be squandered on giving time-servers a million pound pension pot to which they get access on ‘retiring’, before taking up a HIGHER paid job in the same hospital they’ve just left.

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