A FRAGRANT and colourful flower show impressed judges and spectators with the best of spring's blooms.

Judges said the Wyke Regis Horticultural Society's Spring Show was one of the best shows they had seen this year with many outstanding features.

Two halls were filled with a high standard of garden flowers.

Show secretary Colin Giles said: "The members and public alike were impressed by the high standard achieved by the competitors who themselves were proud of the overall result.

"Ray Hayward from Milborne St Andrew dominated the daffodil classes with some magnificent blooms although the challenge from other members gave close competition.

"In the children's classes three-year-old Chloe Roberts of Westham won most points with Jessica Sheppard aged five of Chickerell producing the best exhibit with her delightful miniature garden."

He added: "Overall, it was a rewarding event for the organising committee who were grateful for the many exhibits and high standards and also for the considerable help they received from other members of the society in producing the show."


Wyke Regis Horticultural Society Open Daffodil Championship: Trophy winner - Ray Hayward

Kim Edwards Tankard: Highest points in Daffodil Classes - Ray Hayward

Daffodil Society Bronze Medal: Best exhibit in Daffodil Classes - Ray Hayward

Daffodil Society Best Bloom Card: Best bloom in Daffodil Classes - Ray Hayward

Daffodil Society Diploma: Best vase of three daffodils - Ben Bulstrode

Daffodil Society Diploma: Best bowl or pot of daffodil bulbs - Bill Howarth

Challenge Shield: Highest points in Flower, Foliage and Pot Plant Classes - Bill Howarth

L' Division Cup: Highest points in Vegetable and Propagation Classes - Bill Howarth

Douglas and Betty Hudson Trophy: Best exhibit in Flower and Vegetable Classes - Bill Howarth

Silver Challenge Cup: Highest points in sections one, two and three combined- Bill Howarth

Hilda Dimmock Challenge Trophy: Best exhibit in Floral Art Classes - Brenda Woodsford

Jeffrey Bros Challenge Cup: Best exhibit in Junior Classes - Jessica Sheppard, aged five

Elizabeth Gardner Challenge Plaque: Highest points in Junior Classes - Chloe Roberts, aged three

Challenge Cup: Highest points in Cookery Classes - Linda Baldrey

Christine Parker Memorial Trophy: Best exhibit in Cookery Classes - Bob Symes

Elizabeth Massey Challenge Plaque: Best Photographic Print - Brenda Woodsford

Bert Lovell Memorial Trophy: Most points in Photographic Classes - Brenda Woodsford

Bill Mitchel Memorial trophy: Highest points from five nominated classes - Bill Howarth

Ethel Mitchel Spring Trophy: Best Horticultural Exhibit in the Show - Ray Hayward