A BRANKSOME woman who a fortune-teller predicted would live to become a centenarian celebrated her 105th birthday.

Joyce Bevir, who lives at Park Manor Residential Home, on St Aldhelm’s Road, enjoyed a chocolate birthday cake with the fellow residents and a visit from her son, Michael, and daughter, Drucilla.

Michael described his mum as a “survivor and somebody who knows her own mind”, having given birth to her first baby during an air raid.

His sister, Drucilla March, added: “She’s always said that she has lived a long and happy life.

“She was born in the Channel Islands and left to put herself forward for National Service but wasn’t needed. She later met her husband, Ted, in 1939 and they got married a year later on December 21, 1940.

“They moved to Parkstone in 1965 after mum had lived in Jersey all her life and dad had worked as an engineer for the ICI and were both were keen members of St Peter’s Church.”

Drucilla and Michael said that their mum is the first of their relatives to reach 100 and over, with their dad passing away aged 94.

Drucilla said: “She enjoys a daily glass of red wine and from the age of 40, she put herself on half an aspirin a day, but was later advised against that.

“She remembers the First World War really clearly and also a time when people travelled around Jersey in a horse and cart. Eventually her dad, who was the Chief of Police for Jersey and Chief Magistrate, bought a car and she was upset because then he would drive her mum around in that instead.”

Drucilla added: “She was once told that she would live until she was 100 and that she wouldn’t have to worry for money and fortunately, both of those things are true.”