A PUBLIC consultation into the preferred sites for future development in Swanage has revealed “no clear consensus” for where new homes should be built, says Purbeck District Council.

Feedback during the recent Swanage Local Plan is being analysed by the district council.

The consultation took place earlier this year, allowing residents and businesses to have a say on issues and options for future development within the town.

District council housing and development spokesman Cllr Mike Lovell said: “This was an important first stage for people to develop the local plan for Swanage.

“However, there was no clear consensus about what people preferred in relation to where new houses should go, and the consultations also raise questions and concerns which the district council will need to address.”

A Purbeck District Council spokesman said a full technical assessment of the various options is now underway, and that the council would report on the next steps this autumn.

The Purbeck District Local Plan, essentially a blueprint outlining the preferred places for development within the district until 2027, was adopted two years ago.

Once finalised, the Swanage Local Plan will be incorporated into this document.