POOLE council is being accused of maladministration over the closure of public loos in Parkstone after traders claim they were misled about the alternative.

Borough of Poole closed the Jubilee Road public loos at the end of May and announced they would be replaced by a community scheme whereby local traders offered the use of their services, in return for a fee from Borough of Poole.

But traders are claiming they were misled about the numbers taking part in the scheme. A total of 14 premises were approached but only four took part. With the closure of Oswald Bailey just three remain – Rosina’s Cafe, Waitrose and The Victoria Cross pub.

Richard Wilson, Chairman of Ashley Road Traders’ Association, told the Echo they were now sending a written complaint of maladministration to Borough of Poole Chief Executive Andrew Flockhart.

He said. “They promised that unless six outlets were taking part they wouldn’t close the toilets. They misled us to believe that everything was ok.”

He accused the council of failing in its duty of care – particularly to provide disabled facilities, adding that the planned demolition of the toilet block must be stopped.

Ward Councillor Marion Le Poidevin said: “We were all misled. In the reports brought to the committees and council, voted on and agreed to, we were told the scheme wouldn’t go ahead without six outlets.”

But Cllr Xena Dion insisted the community toilet scheme offers “a much better service” whilst “achieving financial savings to protect other services”.

She said the figure of six participating businesses was “whilst desirable, not a fixed requirement”.