A VICTIM of a terrifying hit and run attack which saw a car repeatedly drive into people on the street has spoken about the traumatic incident.

Jordan March, 22, from Bournemouth said she thought the driver was going to run her down just moments after she was knocked to the ground.

The incident, likened to something out of the video game Grand Theft Auto, took place in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Witnesses describe seeing a grey BMW estate smashing into pedestrians on Poole Hill with two people, Jordan, and a 51-year-old man from Bournemouth both taken to hospital.

“It was like something out of a film. I was sat having some food and the next thing some psycho is driving around trying to hurt everyone”, she told the Daily Echo.

Jordan said she was sat on the pavement opposite DYMK club with a friend having some food and waiting for a lift home.

A fight was taking place on the opposite side of the road so Jordan started to film it on her phone.

“There was a bit of pushing and shoving before a BMW came flying round the corner and straight into the sign and a group of people who were standing there.

“His intention was to run them over. He then reversed up and people ran over and banged on the window to try and get him to stop.

“In half a second it had turned into carnage. There were people just running around screaming.

“People were trying to break the window but he was just going backwards and forwards.

“He would run into people and then turn around and come back.”

She added: “I had stepped across the pavement and I tried to get his number plate but he then swung the car round so it was facing us.

“The next thing I know is a guy stood in front of me was hit and thrown into me.

“All I remember was jumping in the air to try and avoid the car and then I was on the floor.

“There was blood everywhere and I just remember thinking that everything hurts.

“I remember when he hit me that he reversed back and I thought he was going to come back and run me over.

“It was petrifying.”

After more than 24 hours in hospital Jordan is now back at home being looked after by friends.

“Thankfully nothing is broken but I have pulled all the ligaments in my back as I twisted when I was hit”, she added.

“The doctors said I am really, really lucky as I could have had internal bleeding.

“Mentally I feel exhausted. Everyone keeps saying to try and sleep but every time I close my eyes there is an image in my head and I see the headlights of the car.

“I keep having these flashbacks that he will run me over.

“I just want him caught now.”


Police seek witnesses

Police say no arrests have yet been made in relation to the incident. They are asking witnesses with video footage to contact them.

The car was found abandoned on the East Overcliff shortly after the incident.

The offender is described as white, in his late twenties, about five feet six inches tall and of stocky build. He has short dark hair and wore dark clothing. Anyone with any information should phone 101 quoting incident number 24:83.